Virtual Community of Support for Early Learning

    Welcome to The Virtual Community of Support for Early Learning. We are very excited to be able to offer our on-line program again this year and look forward to reaching out and making some very important connections within our rural communities. Participation in the program is designed for parents and caregivers in rural/isolated communities that are unable to access a school based StrongStartBC Center or Outreach Program on a regular basis.

    The Virtual Program is an on-line program designed to reach parents and caregivers within rural communities to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of Parents and Caregivers to provide rich early learning environments in their homes. Specifically the goals of the program are to enhance parents/caregivers understanding of

    · Early learning and early childhood development;

    · How to create language-rich learning environments at home;

    · How to incorporate simple everyday activities at home that support development in all domains: physical, emotional, social, cognitive and language and communication; and

    · Ways to reflect on their children’s early learning.

    The Virtual Program will be delivered via Elluminate sessions on-line. Elluminate is an interactive on-line program designed for small and large groups. An Early Childhood Educator will facilitate monthly learning/discussions sessions beginning in October and continuing until the end of the school year in June. Opportunities will also be available for parents/caregivers to meet one-one on-line with the Early Childhood Educator to discuss child development and topics of interest. There will also be weekly activity sessions on-line where children will have the opportunity to listen to stories and participate in activities.

    A group site is available through Northern BC Distance Education School. On this site you can find information about the virtual program, registration, Elluminate sessions, links to early learning websites, arts and craft ideas, healthy snack ideas and much, much more. Keep checking our site as new information will be added weekly. Participation in The Virtual Program is voluntary and free of charge. Parents and Caregivers are required to register in the on-line program. Weekly participation is encouraged, however, sessions will be recorded and stored for later review. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the Virtual program participants will be required to complete both a pre and post assessment of their knowledge and learning.

    Please print out the registration forms and return them to us either by mail, fax, or email. Also, please ensure that the Freedom of information form is completed and returned to us.

    The pre-program survey is a tool that we will use to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the program. All participants are asked to complete the survey upon registration. This will also give you and opportunity to suggest some topics for the program.

    The POST-program survey is a tool that we will use to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the program. All participants are asked to complete the survey upon exiting the program or at the end of the program in June 2010.

    This link will take you directly to our Elluminate classroom. Once you are there you will be asked to type in a name for use in the session. As the sessions will be recorded we ask that you use first names only or first names followed by a last initial. If you have any difficulty accessing this link please contact the Virtual Program Facilitator at 1-800-663-9511

    All of our Elluminate sessions will be recorded and stored under this link for future viewing. If you miss a session and wish to view the session at a later time each session will be stored by date, just click on the date that you missed.

    This link will take you to all of our weekly activity post. All of the weekly activities will be listed by date of the session. From here you can copy and paste the activities or print them out. Have fun!!

    If you are unfamiliar with the Elluminate program or are having difficulty connecting please click on this link for trouble shooting tips. If you are unable to solve the issue through here please contact 1-800-663-9511

    This is a link to the Ministry site that will provide more information on StrongStart BC programs and where and how to access them.

    From this link you can access the British Columbia Early Learning Framework. This is the framework provided by the Ministry to help guide early learning.

    The is an on-line site designed for children. Children can go to this site, choose a book and have it read to them, as well as choose from a variety of activities. This site is available free of charge to registered Virtual Program participants. Please contact your facilitator for access information.
    Other users of the site are welcome to sign up for their own accounts.

    This is another on-line story site for children of all ages. Children can go on-line and listen to other children read stories to them. The bank of stories continues to grow everyday.

    On-line interactive early learning website; new to the on-line program. Check it out here.

    In the activity center you will find links to various early learning websites that you and your child can go to and access activities, games, recipes, and printables. Check them out, new ones will be added weekly.

    On this link you will find various links and community information.

    On this link you will find photos that have been submitted by our participants of activities presented in our weekly activity session.
    Take a journey with us and discover some of the innovative ideas being explored in a few of the local pre-school, StrongStart and daycare settings within the Victoria area. Getting back to the basics in a calming natural environment or an outdoor preschool program, ideas sure to intrigue you and spark some wonderful ideas that you can implement at home.
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